Kozminski Business School

Risk Management


Risk Management has been the focal point of my research for a long time. It was the subject of both my master thesis and my doctoral dissertation, both prepared at the University of Lodz. I have been developing my expertise in the fields of finance, accounting, and corporate governance in order to continue my research in this area. I am a member of the Polish Risk Management Association Polrisk, as well as of the PRMIA. I have taken part in the development of the ICGN Guidelines on Corporate Risk Oversight and in the translation of the ISO 31000 series standards to Polish.

Risk Management in Poland

Polish enterprises and the public sector have been gradually building their management skills since 1990 and are now ready to introduce advance management techniques, such as risk management. Many of the public sector organisations are required to implement risk management systems under the Public Finance Act. Efforts are being made to use British experience in this area as a model for Polish administration. Private companies are not required to implement risk management, with the exception of financial institutions and some other special industries. I have taken active part in the implementation of risk management, offering consulting and training services to both the public and the private sector. My references include central government institutions, provincial governments and city councils. I am able to develop a consensus within an organisation, shape the risk management policy to fit its needs, thus increasing the chance of a successful implementation.

Risk Management Community in Poland

Along with increased spread of Risk Management in Poland, academics and practitioners in the field have begun to organize themselves. The Polish Risk Management Association was established to create a common forum. There is also considerable interest in PRMIA Certificates.

What I Do

As an academic I strive to provide the Polish business community and the administration with expertise and education in the field of risk management. I conduct research in both current risk management practices and potential new models. At the same time I offer practical workshops to organisation which wish to implement ERM frameworks.