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It's not exactly typical for academics to like teaching, but I really do. I have been developing my teaching skills first as an EFL teacher, then as an assistant, and now as a professor. I have completed a Master of Science Program in Multimedia Management, at Christian-Albrecht-Universitaet zu Kiel in order to learn how to employ the Internet in my teaching practice. Since the I have been using e-learning extensively in support of on-campus courses. I can author and conduct courses in Dokeos and Moodle. And recently, I have started to teach on TV. They say people actually watch my programmes about finanse and accounting! Who would have thought...

Karol M. Klimczak w TVN Biznes


All my courses are conducted with support of the Kozminski Business School e-learning platform. If you are looking for course material - it's there. Details of my office hours and course syllabi can be found at the faculty listing and the office hours search engine.

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