Kozminski Business School

Corporate Governance


Corporate governance is now part of just about every management discipline, including finance and accounting. From my point of view, it ties perfectly with risk management, which makes it of interest to me as well. I am affiliated with the Kozminski Center for Corporate Governance, an interdisciplinary research project dedicated to this subject. Over the past couple of years the center has been developing steadily. We won a Ministry of Science grant for research into board committees, and established a relationship with the Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and Performance of Yale University. So far, four of our faculty, including me, visited the Millstein center. We learn how to develop our center, develop links with the industry, and how to manage interdisciplinary research. Part of our efforts is the establishment of a series of monthly seminars, called Kozminski Interdisciplinary Seminars. The seminars bring together researchers from various disciplines - a defining characteristic is that the discussant is always from a different school of thought than the presenter.